California Asian Art Auction California Asian Art Auction
 Mar. 14, 2014  Mar. 14, 2014

 Lot # 2064 
A GROUP OF TWO GLASS SNUFF BOTTLES    清 藍寶石料器、紅寶石料器鼻煙壺 兩隻

  • Dimension: H1: 2 1/8 in (5.4 cm) H2: 2 in (5.2 cm)
  • Estimate From: $1800
  • Estimate To: $2500

One snuff bottle is of rectangular form, with rounded shoulders and base, the body made from sapphire blue glass, with coral branch stopper. The other snuff bottle of double gourd form, the body made from sandwiched pink and white glass, with a purple stone stopper.Qing Dynasty Period.