California Asian Art Auction California Asian Art Auction
 June 22, 2019  June 22, 2019

 Lot # 6706 

  • Dimension: Height: 10 in (25.4 cm) Length: 6 3/4 in (17.1 cm) Width: 9 7/8 in (25.1 cm)
  • Estimate From: $1800
  • Estimate To: $3600

Of rectangular form, the single panel hinged cover above a pair of framed matched burlwood panel doors, hinged to the cabinet by inlaid squared hinges retained by pins, the interior with three drawers of varying size, the inlaid shaped lock escutcheon with a cloud-shaped hasp, each side with bail handles pendent from shaped back and knock plates, all supported on rectangular plinth. Qing Dynasty period.

Provenance: Property from an important private collection, San Diego, California
此箱用料講究,以黃花梨製成,色澤溫潤可人,端裝方正,正面置活動開門,打開後內有文具屜格,以盛放筆、墨、硯台,各類文房把玩件之用,底部加以包黃銅護葉加強穩固。此器用料優良,工藝精湛,造型規矩方正,保存完好,包漿老辣,應是出自官宦貴冑之家。 來源: 南加州聖地亞哥私人藏家提供